Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Shower Coconut Cloud Cake & Cookies

This was a unique request for a baby shower cake and cookies.

The cookies were normal, but the cake was a bit unique.  The mom-to-be wanted coconut on the cake - which meant I couldn't do my normal design work.  So I figured out a way to get some design in and give the mom-to-be her coconut.  But then the mom-to-be wanted a specific recipe which called for a meringue icing which I initially thought I could still do detail with...NOT!  The meringue wouldn't lay smooth for anything.  So I ended up with this:

 A super light Vanilla Cloud Cake with Lemon Curd filling and
meringue icing topped with coconut.  The baby booties are made of
fondant and the flowers and piping detail around
the cake are made with buttercream.

This light cake used so many egg whites that I'm going to
make some creme brulee tomorrow! Yummm!

Here are the cookies that went with the cake: